What happens when my van runs out of power?

What does happen when your van runs out of power? And what if it's freezing outside?! Will my hydronic floor heating freeze up?

These are all really good questions, and the short answer is: we've got you covered.

What happens when I run out of power?

Our 12V Vanlife / RV thermostats have built-in voltage sensing. Once the voltage reaches a certain low point, your heating will stop to spare the batteries.

What if it's freezing outside?

You will have a cold night unless you find some power. even though the system is turned off, it will still use its temperature sensor to sense any freezing danger. When detected it can trigger a relay, which you might use to set off some alarm.

Will my heating lines freeze?

Well, in our premium model, the relay that is triggered is actually hooked up to a compressor. This will use the last bit of energy in your battery to clean out all water in the heating lines and instant water heater. Problem solved.

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